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Welcome to Math Science Buddy. Math Science Buddy offers quality in-home tutorial services to students in elementary, middle, high schools and to teachers preparing to pass the California teacher's examinations. Tutors are available in all subjects. These subjects include mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, English, and social studies. Test preparation also prepares students for the SAT/ACT, advanced placement, AP, and the CBEST teacher examinations.

Our process is simple. First, the tutor meets with you and your child to learn about the child's learning style in order to set learning goals Often, we recommend that the tutor also talk with the teacher to find out what teaching cues might be effective for your child's learning style. Then we determine strategies to help your child learn more effectively. Included with each lesson are skills to teach your child how to study properly, to manage time and to prepare for tests.

The focus is not simply to just give a student an answer, but to focus on “how” to solve the problem on their own. In the process, success in problem solving will naturally build a student’s self-confidence.

Students in the program accomplish more than they thought they were capable of achieving!

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